Writing the book


So how was your Christmas?

Mine has been lovely. Family, friends, presents, food, drink, more wine, more food, more chocolate… I’m beached.

I should be off to sleep now but I’ve had stuff rattling around in my brain and I think it needs to get out. I worried myself today. I went into the town with Moley and I was caught out by breathlessness. I found it so hard to get my breath, and yeah I know it was cold, and I was walking quite fast up a slight incline, but it was horrible.

I’ve also had palpitations and dizziness in the last few months. I’m sure it’s nothing; it’s been a stressful year. But I do need to sort it out.

So upgrade 2015 is still being planned. I remember a while ago I was looking in the shops and online for a really good, comprehensive guide to getting healthy, and there just isn’t one. Of course there’s a gazillion diet books, fitness books, books on positive thinking, yoga or nutrition. There nothing for the forty something who just wants to feel better though. Just as well I’m a writer then eh?

I’m still not sure how I’ll do it but I am going to talk about it here and hopefully you can keep me on track?

I’m two weeks and three days into taking the Juice Plus and it’s done amazing things to my skin, so much so that I’ve got Moley taking them for his lifelong eczema too, and they are having a good effect after just a week. I’ll start myself on the protein shakes in the new year, I got a free sample of those and they are supposed to give you lots of energy. There’s a diet and fitness plan too but I’m not really interested in that.

I’m probably going to start distributing the products too. I’m a bit wary because I know someone else who has started selling them, and is posting a lot about it on Facebook…and I feel weird about using my blog to promote stuff.

I wouldn’t do it unless I believed they worked, and I’m someone who has taken so many different supplements over time it’s ridiculous. I’m also crap at sales. I got sacked from Peter Lord shoe shop in Ipswich when I was a 15 year old Saturday girl, for not selling my target number of shoe polishes and insoles, every month. I was great at getting the squirmy kids to sit still and have their feet measured but selling shoe cream? Not so much.

It doesn’t cost much to join the scheme and ideally I’m supposed to recruit others but I’d mainly be doing it to get mine a bit cheaper.

Anyway, it’s late and I’m waffling. Today did scare the crap out of me though.I hate feeling unfit so it’s back to the gym for me on Monday. The time has come to start looking after myself. And writing the book I really wanted to read…

Night all…

PS: Writing this on a tablet, in the dark, at almost midnight had definitely given me some laughs with the predictive text. If you spot a typo I’ve missed, you’ll know why!

One thought on “Writing the book

  1. Donna

    Ooh yes I’d like to read that book too. No more same old same old diet and nutrition advice. Yawny. Look forward to reading your take on it. X x x


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