The Amazing Biz and Life Academy

Academy-125x250You might not have heard of Leonie Dawson, but she’s one of the most inspiring, if slightly nuts, women I’ve ever come across. A self-made entrepreneur and heart-led businesswoman, Leonie lives with her ‘hot dude’ and gorgeous little girl in the middle of nowhere in Australia, and has somehow managed to create an incredibly successful business in less than three years.

Leonie set up the Goddess Circle in 2011, which she revamped in 2013 and called ‘the Amazing Biz and Life Academy‘.

I joined in 2012 and I really believe that she, and the rest of the members (now well into the thousands) can take some of the credit for all the creativity that’s been pouring out of me in the last couple of years. I’ve written two books, set up Gorgeously Full Fat as a blog and  on Facebook (originally called Sixteen) and I have massive plans for the future too.

So what is it?

It’s not just a business group, it’s also a massively supportive, spiritual, creative and nurturing group. You can take whatever you choose from the membership, and choose to use it like I do, dipping into the circles, asking and occasionally handing out advice, swapping blog links and social media, and getting useful tips about anything from the best free mailing list software to the chances of getting pregnant after 40. Or you can become completely immersed in it, follow every course and become a way better and more serene person than I am. I have got some of the other workshops and courses downloaded, but I’ve been too busy doing work-y things to really connect with them. But I will…

Leonie says:

“The Amazing Biz + Life Academy gives you an incredible resource library of my programs, courses + workbooks to help you transform every area of your life… from home, health, creativity, soul to business, money and marketing.

“It’s one of the most generous, powerful, inspired, best-priced + transformational training resources you’ll find anywhere in the world. It’s a training library jam packed with programs, meditations + kits to transform your business + life to Level Amazing. And it’s access to an incredible mastermind of almost 3000 women (just like you) who can help you with much needed brainstorming, support + guidance.

“The Academy is a divinely guided, heart-centered success library to help you and your business reach the levels of joy, abundance, creativity + prosperity that you were born to have.”

BusinessGoddess-200x200I can’t even remember how I came across it, probably from reading Leonie’s highly entertaining blogs, but once you join, you get access to EVERYTHING. Courses, kits,e-books and meditations, videos and of course the Masterminds which are where you get to connect with all the amazing women. I’ll let you in on another secret too…it’s REALLY easy to make your money back if you join, because there’s an awesome and very generous affiliate programme.

For ages, I’ve been meaning to add blog posts about my progress, and as I’ve recently had a big business idea, and I’m a bit stuck with it, I’m going to use all of the brilliant resources (I have the Business Goddess course already) and get things of the ground. I’ll keep you all updated with a weekly report on what I’ve been doing as well. Wish me luck, and come over and join in!

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