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Lovedrobe dress review Gorgeously Full Fat

Lovedrobe Little Black Dress Review

Lovedrobe dress review Gorgeously Full Fat I don’t often get to review dresses – being a forty something plus size blogger, I don’t mix in the right circles, and in all honesty it’s not something that’s ever really bothered me. So when I was contacted out of the blue the other day and asked if I wanted to review a Lovedrobe dress, I was chuffed to bits, and with a night out coming up (and Christmas parties) i said “Yes, please!”

I loved this skater dress from the start; I was going out on a ‘Zombie Celebrity’ Halloween/birthday party pub crawl and although my only concession to the zombie theme was a spectacularly awful Mary Berry zombie mask (they are a thing, I had one, it fell apart)

I thought the dress was Gothic enough to be wearable for a Halloween theme. Not really Mary Berry but to be fair, the mask wasn’t either; the eye holes were in the wrong place, I couldn’t see through it and there was no mouth hole so with no way of drinking cocktails through it, it had to go very quickly anyway.

But enough about the mask; the dress was gorgeous. I did a little video below which might be one reason I don’t get asked to do reviews very often…I’m hopeless at video reviews. I’m staying at my Mum’s at the moment, dog-sitting while she jets off around the world, so I have nobody here to hold a camera. Anyway, the main points were;

Lovely quality, fully lined and feels very well made

The style is really great, you could wear it with tights, or as I did with leggings and lace-up boots. It’s quite dressy but not over the top. I don’t think it’s the kind of skater dress you could wear with jeans; that would look a bit odd. But with leggings it looked great.

Fit wise I think it’s true to size, it’s fitted rather than stretchy and it was a little bit loose on me – but I did opt for my usual size when I have dropped a bit of weight recently (stress and gym mostly) so it’s probably about right. I loved it!

At the moment it’s on sale at £41.25 (usual price is £55) and I’ll definitely be wearing it again over Christmas and New Year, Thanks to Lovedrobe for asking me to review it and I hope you like my video. If you like it, you can buy it here

(PS: Benji makes an appearance about ten seconds in…didn’t want to miss anything!)

Join the harem

Harem pants.

Two words that make me turn my nose up, a trend I haven’t got to grips with yet, and I’m not sure that I ever will. I see this happy, smiling (definitely not a size 22) model in her funky palm print harem pants from Yours Clothing (£18) and I think – they look kinda cute. But on a 40-something plussie with a backside that could generate its own gravitational pull?  Not so much. I’m not putting myself down, just thinking about what suits me and I’m also reminded of the fruity leggings I had when I was in my twenties. I think they had a pineapple on each bum cheek. Enough said.

Pink_Palm_Print_Harem Yours Clothing


But….harem pants don’t seem to be going away, despite my continued ignorance of them. I thought I’d have a look at what’s out there – a lot of my snootiness where they are concerned does seem to be based on the fact that they come in such wallpaper-esque prints.

By the way, I happily wear dresses and tops in prints that are reminiscent of wallpaper, so I’m not sure where the bottom half print prejudice comes from. probably the general public reaction to the fruity leggings…

I was kind of distracted by tartan leggings on the ASOS Curve site…SO very tempted.

I did find a few examples of harem style pants, although they seem to have undergone a bit of a re-brand and are now called the New Look Inspire Animal Print Jogger. Would you go jogging in these?

New look Inspire joggers

I thought not. These *cough* joggers are £19.99 from ASOS Curve, and I think they are just so Betty Pamper, I’m going to have to tag her just so she finds them.. Are these harem pants in disguise? I think so. I must admit, I do kind of like the animal print ones, although I wouldn’t know what to wear them with – all my tops are patterned!

Even more confusing – ASOS also has the ‘ Exclusive Fold Over Peg Trouser‘ £20 – which seems like another variation on the same theme. Maybe harem pants are just not cool, so they have to be re-branded? What do you think…harem or not? I actually think these are the worst of the lot – they look a bit like my favourite old leggings after they’ve been washed so many times that the bum has gone baggy.

Peg trouser

So…harem pants…yay or nay? Are you feeling the love for the baggy trousers?

I’m willing to give them a try if any nice plus size brands want me to blog about them; but I’m not holding my breath as the recent change of hosting has lost me all my followers so I’m looking all lonely and unloved…please give me a follow (over there on the right) if you want to get more of the same in your inbox!



silver leggings

One step forward…

….and three steps back.

That’show it sometimes feels to me, anyway.

This post comes to you as a mixture of thoughts and feelings after reading blog posts, news reports and more and it’s just a hotch potch of my feelings around the issue of plus size fashion and body image.

First of all, I read a brilliant post by Georgina at Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. She’s been called out by some people in the size acceptance crowd because she dares to be freaking gorgeous to look at, and to enjoy using shape wear to enhance what nature gave her. She also admitted that yeah, she’d like to lose a few pounds, which is a bit of a heresy to some sections of the plus size community. It resonated with me; I think corsets, shape wear and hold it all in pants are a wonderful invention. I wore them for my wedding; I was quite well aware that a bit of Gok branded Lycra underpinning wouldn’t make me look thin, but it did hide the VPL, smooth everything out a bit and make the dress look good, so I’m not complaining.

I also don’t see why Georgina should be criticised for the fact she is lucky enough to be pleasing to the eye. It doesn’t detract from the fact that she writes a successful blog and is entitled to her opinion on plus size issues. She talks about ‘militant fatties’ who happily let it all hang out in bikinis and embrace their fat…well, I think they should also be able to do as they please too, fat isn’t disgusting, it’s just fat for God’s sake. But they don’t get to insist that we all do the same, any more than slim people get to tell fatties what they can and can’t wear.  As Georgina puts it:

To be ‘body positive’ when you’re plus size you don’t need to look or act a certain way. You simply need to appreciate that all bodies are good bodies, and short of getting arrested, believe that people can dress how they like.

and, “being body confident does not mean you need to insult women who look different to you in order to validate your own looks. If you want to be accepted for your appearance then you need to accept others, because if you can’t, how you can expect people to accept you?”

It all ties in with the experiences of another plus size fashion blogger, Betty Pamper, who posted this image of herself in leggings from the Yours Clothing Facebook Page and got some less than flattering responses…from other plus size women.

silver leggings

“I think it’s just a hard fact we need to hear: There are just some items of clothing that bigger people should stay away from at all costs. No ifs. No buts. No ‘beauty is on the inside.’ These leggings are included in that list”

Really? Now, I’m not perfect – I looked at the pics of Gabourey Sidibe at the Golden Globes this week, and yeah, I thought the dress she was wearing was just – hideous. It was the dress that was hideous though, and not the wearer. I thought the same about some of the dresses worn by the skinny actresses too, sometimes people wear clothes that make you think “Really?”

The outfit above isn’t one of those ‘oh dear’ outfits though. I think Betty looks gorgeous, and she’s got the sass to be able to pull off silver leggings so fair play to her. If she feels good in that outfit, and the same goes for Gaby too, she should damn well be able to wear it without snarky comments from the kind of people who should be bigging her up for not hiding herself away in ‘media approved’ fat girls clothes.

The thing that annoys the crap out of me isn’t what fat women choose to wear, whether leggings suit fuller figured girls or if plus size bloggers should admit to a penchant for shape wear. It’s that we should be sticking together, accepting that fuller figured women AREN’T all the same, and that yes, it’s OK to feel that you want to improve yourself, if that’s your choice. Bitching, sniping and pulling each other’s fashion and lifestyle choices to pieces just makes a mockery of body positivity. There are no rules. You shouldn’t have to be brave enough to wear a two-piece bikini to fit in, there aren’t any entrance requirements, body positivity is supposed to be supportive, friendly and POSITIVE. The clue is in the name.

Most of the people I’ve come across in my journeys as a plus size blogger and writer have been fabulous.  When it’s good, it works. That’s what I love, the camaraderie, friendliness and non-bitchiness of it. So can we all play nicely, please?

British Plus Size Fashion Weekend 2014

British Plus Size Fashion Weekend 2014

British Plus Size Fashion Weekend 2014

British Plus Size Fashion Weekend is back  on the 14th & 15th February!

I’m hoping to get up there this year, to the Vinopolis in London, I missed out last year, which was a shame.

Evans is sponsoring this year’s event along with Simply Be and Woman’s Own magazine, and the whole weekend is perfectly placed to help women of all sizes feel fabulous, with high street retailers finally getting to grips with the plus size market including Debenhams who announced they were introducing size 16 mannequins in some stores.

Get ready for four fabulous fashion shows, all showcasing top plus size designers including Evans, Tika Soomak, Dea London, Scarlett & Jo, JANE WATSON and OPhee.

Event day is Saturday 15th February, with shop your shape workshops, a marketplace laid out according to body type and catwalk fashion shows featuring plus size bridal, lingerie, indie designers, swimwear and more.


For more info and tickets, go to the BPSFW website. You never know, I might meet you there?

Vintage Look Swing Dress ASOS Curve in Red £40

Plus size fashion goes with the flow

VB dress

You know the rules. We’ve been trying so long to bust the stereotypes of the plus size woman in the kaftan or loose flowing skirt, that we’ve got all militant when it comes to our fashion sense and banned anything loose from our wardrobes. We can do body-con, we love a bit of tailoring. What’s wrong with embracing our curves? No more tents, thank you very much!

Except, sometimes it’s just good to, you know, let it all loose. I follow the brilliant Mason Bentley fashion blog, and when questioned during London Fashion Week about what was hot for 2014, loose was the way to go according to Anna Mason and Kate Bentley. These two are my kind of designers – they started their journey making clothes for themselves and friends, but demand outstripped supply and now they are creating their very own capsule collection. You can see them talking fashion sense here:

So if we’re talking loose and flowy, where can we find something that looks good, rather than as if it’s been designed to double up as somewhere to camp at Glastonbury? we want curve-skimming and comfortable, not voluminous. As an aside, I love you, Victoria Beckham, but THAT dress? The one above? Didn’t do it for me.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve found.

Vintage Look Swing Dress ASOS Curve £40

.Vintage Look Swing Dress ASOS Curve in Red £40

This gorgeous swing dress is from ASOS Curve, available in red and black, and would look lovely either as it is, with tights and boots, or over leggings in the winter. At £40, you could probably get both, and it’s easy to dress up or down depending on your mood.

From Simply Be, the Rise Judy Beaded Cuff  Tunic dress - £70 – has a real seventies’ vibe to it – maybe it’s just the turquoise that’s making me think it wouldn’t look out of place on the cover of Cosmo in 1974? If you’re not brave enough to go all the way and wear the jade version, you can dress it down a bit in black instead. Would look amazing with a floppy hat and HUGE sunnies on holiday, but in colder climes it might be best to cinch it in the middle with a wide belt, slip on a pair of skinny jeans underneath and wear it with flatties for a casual and comfortable look. Or you could wear it with a pair of funky tights from Miss Difusa:

Rise Judy Cuff Tunic Simply Be £70 Miss Difusa floral tights £6.99

Long flowing skirts always feel good at this time of year and I’ve found a great buy – the half-lined georgette/jersey maxi skirt from Grazia at Simply Be. It’s currently just £20 if you want to invest in a nice little flowing number.

Grazi Maxi skirt £20 Simply Be

I’m not entirely sure why it’s so cheap, but I kinda like it.

Finally, if you want to make a very bold fashion statement, you could hunt down some of these Paper Moon wide legged palazzo pants. I found them on Amazon and I think you can also

Paper Moon Palazzo Pants £13.95 buy them on eBay; on Amazon these pirate-printed beauties were only £19.95 so they’re worth shelling out for and the elasticated waistband makes them perfect for maternity as well as “I ate way too much for dinner.”

What do you think? Will you be embracing the loose and flowing trend this season, or sticking to flaunting your feminine curves in more structured pieces?

Review: Wingz by FatPhrocks


The Selfie is not my friend…

OK, I have to hold my hands up and confess right now that FatPhrocks are a client of mine. But I’m quite honestly wearing a pair of their darling little Wingz as I type, and I’m going to give them an honest write up.

Wingz are a hybrid underwear/outerwear garment that answers the question “What can I use to cover my arms when it gets cold?”

If, like me, you aren’t a fan of long sleeves, but you know the time’s coming to cover up your arms because goosebumps just aren’t attractive, if you own a pair of Wingz you might be able to eke out a little bit more wear from your sleeveless summer tops, rather than sadly shut them away in a drawer after September.

They look a bit odd when you get them out of their packaging, and then if you’re like me, you might put them on the wrong way around, despite the helpful little tag that indicates where the back is. Ahem. They feel a bit tricky when you first put them on, I had to fiddle with mine to make it hide my bra straps, and sit where I wanted it to.

Once I’d got mine in place over my bra and under my top, though, it felt very comfortable, and less bulky than the jersey top that I’d been wearing under my Joe Brown’s tunic. I picked the lacy sleeves, but I also have a plain black pair and a dressy pair with floaty arms that will look good under a lot of my summer short sleeved tops.

They are the perfect length for me, although I know another blogger has reviewed them and she mentioned that she found the sleeves too short. Personally, I hate sleeves that come all the way to my wrist and I always roll them up anyway, so it’s fine by me. I’d say the lace ones are elbow length, and the plain ones look about the same.

I had no problem getting them to fit my arms either, they feel stretchy enough to accommodate a bit of bingo wingage and they don’t feel too tight on me at all. I did have to pull the band down at the back to get it to stay in place, but once it was there it stayed put all day. I know, don’t remind me, I haven’t done anything more energetic than the washing up in them.

I will definitely be wearing my new Wingz again, and I’d recommend them to anyone who isn’t yet ready to put her sleeveless tops away for the winter…


Evans’ most coveted

Evans has had a bit of a bad rep in recent years, but although I still haven’t quite forgiven them for closing all their branches within a 50 mile radius (where am I supposed to get my leggings now, hey?) I might let them off with this year’s A/W collection, especially some of the funkier pieces from Live Unlimited.

The stand out piece has definitely got to be the black lace biker jacket, which is on my most-coveted list for the winter. I love the lace detail, it softens the look of the trad-styled biker jacket and gives it a glamorous edge that you wouldn’t usually associate with biker jackets, or indeed Evans, to be fair.

Skater Dress

I absolutely love the way they’ve dressed up a pair of black jeans with some sexy heels and added the jacket, it just looks feminine at the same time as exuding a ‘don’t mess with me’ air.

I also think the jacket would look pretty hot with the skater dress on the left, if you’re not so confident in rocking the skinny jeans look. It’s making me want to get my heels out and practice walking around the living room in them in anticipation of someone lovely buying me the jacket for Christmas!





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Francesca in Orange

Eden Miller makes history…

…so, have you heard of Eden Miller?

Eden is the talk of New York, apparently, after designing and showing the first ever plus size collection to grace the Fashion Week runways. I loved this picture of Eden – I want that dress!

Eden Miller

Eden, who has been designing for 25 years, said that she was invited to show her Spring 2014 collection by the Fashion Law Institute, an organisation that supports  talented designers without the resources to put on their own show, to stage a show. Eden was thrilled, calling the opportunity, “a wonderful opportunity for showing the legitimacy of plus-size fashion. It is real fashion. It can be measured in the same way that other kinds of fashion can be.”

Susan Scafidi of the Fashion Law Institute said that when she met Eden, she was wearing one of her dresses,and her first thought was, “nice collection — I wish she made it in my size.”

 I wanted to get some images from GPS Fashion Radar so that I could show you her designs. The summer 2013 collection is up on the Cabiria website, and is really cute, but I wanted to see images of the catwalk show. There aren’t any up there. I thought I’d check out the Mercedes Benz Official Fashion Week website and see if I could find anything on there instead.

Francesca in Orange

Nope. She’s not listed under ‘Browse Our Designers’ under her own name or the collection name. Bugger.

Ah well. I can tell you that from what I’ve seen Cabiria is all about bright, in your face prints, the type of print that fat girls were pretty much told to avoid twenty years ago (which is probably why I love them so much). The lines are simple and cut to flatter chunky girls, but not in a ‘hide me away’ kinda way, more a ‘here I am and don’t I look fabulous?’ way. I am a li’l bit in love with the Francesca in Orange design from last season, even though bright orange and me have never been friends.

I missed out of getting to Plus North last weekend, something I’m actually incredibly pissed off about. I was hoping to meet up with the gorgeous and talented Miss Difusa (note to self, it’s soon going to be tights season…) and the lovely Michelle from FatPhrocks too. I was dying to meet some of the fabulous plus-size bloggers I’ve been following, but sadly the tickets, travel and accommodation put it out of my price range. Next year, when I’m rich, I’m going along with my camera and I’m going to have a bloody great time!

Beautiful Ideas

beautiful-magWhat do you REALLY want from a magazine?

I’m thinking long and hard about what to put in the first issue of Beautiful magazine, what’s going to catch your attention and make you feel bloody great when you read it. The thing is, circulation figures seem to point to the fact that women like to be bullied, criticised and humiliated into feeling bad enough to buy stuff to make themselves conform, so is that what women  really want to read?

That’s not what we’re about at all. So will we be the magazine that you pick up when you’re browsing, will you be tempted to download a copy and see what it’s all about, or are you already planning to support the magazine no matter what because you, like us, believe that it’s about freaking time there was a body positive, totally accepting and inclusive magazine for women, designed to entertain, inspire and make you think, without the self-flagellation?

I’m at the point where I have to start planning out the first issue and hoping we can raise enough pennies to actually make it happen, and I want to get this right, for all of us. So, what do you actually WANT to read? What sort of lifestyle, fashion and beauty do you want? How about some positive psychology, spirituality, relationships, sex, careers, home, travel, personalities and good old fashioned feminism?

It’s all going to be in there but is there anything you think we’ve missed?

It’s your chance to help shape what’s going to be the biggest magazine launch of 2014.

130320 Funky specs

Who am I?

130320 Funky specsOne of the things I say quite a lot to my other half, usually with a pained expression on my face is, “Why can’t people just be NICE to each other?”

It seems freaking obvious to me that if people were just nice – supportive, friendly, helpful, call it whatever you like, we’d all be much happier. It makes sense in the plus-size world too. It’s a fat-phobic world we live in. I mean, don’t people know that the more you insult, belittle and hurt a fat girl, the more likely she is to find herself in the kitchen with her hand in the biscuit tin?

Have any of you fat girls out there EVER reacted to a nasty comment by thinking “I didn’t realise I was fat. I’d better go on a diet and I’ll start right now. Thank you for  shouting insults at me from the safety of your car”

FYI that happened to me once. Years ago when I was much smaller. I actually cried all the way home and yes, I ate my way through all the carbs in the kitchen when I got there.

Nobody ever lost weight because they hated themself, which is what appals me about some of the crap I read online about fat people and obesity. Never mind that yeah, we can be just as healthy as you are (try telling the personal trainer who took me around the gym last week that I’m unfit, I reckon I surprised him too) but it’s the hatred that knocks me flat some days.

I think that’s why I find it hard to blog sometimes. It’s like I’m setting myself up to be knocked back down again. Why am I scared to let people see the real me? I read a lot about my ‘Authentic self’ and how being ‘authentic’ is the way forward. People whose blogs I love are out there, honest and raw, sometimes sad, sometimes fruit-loopy cheerful and sometimes I don’t actually agree with what they say but I sure as hell love to read them saying it.

I’m scared people won’t play nice if I’m raw and honest. I talk the talk and don’t walk it – I blog about diets being bullsh*t and then I diet and no, it doesn’t work. I tell you all that fat girls are awesome – but I don’t always think that I’m awesome myself. Hell, I have my awesome moments but I could probably do with some work in the chutzpah department.

How can I expect anyone to connect with me if I don’t let you see my true personality? My rainbow of moods, my hopping from one idea to another, my love of fashion and sparkly things, my spiritual side, my grumpy arse ‘who ate the last bag of marmite crisps’ side? I can sit here and type words about fashion, about bloggers I love, about how much our fat-phobic, misogynist society pisses me off sometimes…but if I don’t do it as ME then how will you know I didn’t just take the blog post from another plus-size positive blog and copy it into my own blog? And if I censor myself so that I don’t offend people I know in the plus size world, my friends, or even my mum, who HATES it when I swear in blog posts, then am I just putting on a front?

Existential questions hey? This is my full-fat stream of consciousness blog post, I’m fully aware it’s just flitted from subject to subject but from now on, I have to be real. No more image, no more carefully-constructed message posts, this is me. I’m fat, I’m feisty, sometimes I’m grumpy, mostly I like myself but secretly I wish I was slimmer because my knees hurt a bit, I get reflux and I hate having to buy all my clothes online. I don’t eat that well. I don’t like exercising in the winter (I like it a bit more when the sun comes out but in the winter it takes a LOT to get me to that gym.) I can’t drive – I wish I could but I failed three tests and now I’m so scared of driving that I don’t think I’ll ever take another one.

D’you want to know more about me, who I am, what I look like and how I think? Or do you think I should stick to decontructing media stories and posting things about all the other plus-size bloggers I secretly wish I was?


PS: The funky sunnies are from Urban Outfitters and cost £20 – if you love them like I do you can find them here

PPS: I’m already worrying that you’ll all think I’m slef-obsessed. Ah sod it. Here goes. *post*