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A half tonne of gratitude…



I had intended to write this on Wednesday afternoon, New Year’s Eve, when I got back from  a sales shopping spree.

I didn’t actually buy anything on the shopping trip, mainly because I was still waiting for most of my invoices to be paid, and then we had a teeny accident on the way home that left the car embedded in a hedge between Sudbury and Bury St Edmunds…after standing in the cold waiting for the insurance company to not pick us up for an hour and a half, all I wanted to do when I got home was open the bottle of Prosecco and dive on in!


The one thing I thought after crawling out of the car was “Thank God we’re both OK”. Cars are replaceable; my Moley certainly isn’t!

So, gratitude #1.

That was it.

I thought I’d do a look back at last year and remember all the good stuff that happened, too. It’s always good to end the year on a positive!

The first good thing about last year was that I got married. We’ve just had our first anniversary, we went out for dinner and he ate so much that he couldn’t move off the sofa for the rest of the evening once we’d got home. A good time was had by all…the wedding was fantastic, full of my favourite people and Dad made it. In fact he’s still with us now…more about that later!

The next positive was Viva Voluptuous. It hasn’t made me rich but it’s in Waterstones RIGHT NOW and I made that book. I poured all my love and care into it and it’s my baby. I’m bloody proud of that book, Feel free to buy it, if you haven’t already, because it’s about 220,000 in the Amazon Kindle download chart right now…but I don’t care. I wrote a book, y’know? And it was reviewed by the super awesome Betty Pamper on her blog, which made me smile a LOT.

Betty VV

Later in the year, in September, I went along to my first ever Damsels in Success meeting. I was hooked! I didn’t know what to expect; I knew it was a women’s networking group with a difference but WHAT a difference. Everyone is lovely, there’s no snarkiness, no bitchy competition, it’s all about supporting each other, collaboration and motivating each other to jump start our business and personal lives. I’ve met some amazing women and it led to…

IGNITE, The Damsels in Success conference in Birmingham. Inspiring speakers, and so much positive energy that I was practically fizzing for a week afterwards! I was a little bit shell-shocked with it all, it was full on and very lively, but I took so much away from it that I’m already applying to my home and business life. It’s all happening!

Another amazing thing happened in November 2014. Mum really needed a holiday and went to stay with my brother and his husband in Australia, I’d been crapping myself worrying about this because while she was away, he was going to be in respite care in a local hospice, and I was going to be first contact if anything happened. I’d also offered to stay with him when he came out of the hospice until Mum got home. Eek! He’d been really poorly before he went in, and I was scared I wouldn’t be able to take care of him properly, or he’d have a fall, or I’d get his drugs wrong….I was stressed for weeks. The amazing thing was that he seemed to flourish in the hospice. I’m not surprised, I’d probably flourish with daily massages and reflexology, 24 hour care and a free drinks cupboard! I did pop in and see him a few times while he was there and was impressed with how lovely everyone was, how caring and friendly they seemed.

When Dad came home, he was perkier than I’d seen him in months and it’s down to the care he had while he was in the hospice. I made sure I gave them a donation at Christmas and I’m hoping to do the Midnight Walk this year to raise even more.

While I was with Dad, I got chatting to a lovely lady called Alison, who introduced me to the world of Juice Plus…both the business and the brilliant products. I started off thinking I’d take them a few months and see how I got on, but after being massively impressed with them, I jumped right in and decided to join the company as a distributor. It’s going well already, I want to create a little team, so if you fancy it, get in touch.

Christmas was lovely. We spent Christmas Day with my parents and it was really nice.

So. My goals for 2015?

Keep up with the gym (I just signed up for personal training)

Carry on with taking Juice Plus – it’s cleared up my skin and I’m keen to see what else it’s going to do.

Get the Juice Plus business going and make a success of it.

I’m going to be working with a wonderful super healthy chef called Niki who is going to be sharing some of her fabulous recipes and her ethos on food (always delicious and created with love). She’s been on the weight loss merry go round too and she knows the drill…

I’m even cooking up a few plans for a sequel to Gorgeously Full Fat, which by the way is free from 10th-12th January. I don’t know what it will say yet, but I’m sure it will come to me.

So – how’s your 2015 shaping up? Managing to avoid copious Katie Hopkins exposure and TV documentaries about fat people? I’d love to know what you’re up to.






Upgrade 2015


I was writing this post in my head at about 12.30 am while my beloved Moley was sleeping and snoring beside me. I just couldn’t be bothered to get out of my warm spot at that time of the morning to write it, no matter how full of ideas I was.

It’s been all go around here. We haven’t been on any more disastrous trips to places we don’t know, and I didn’t get a refund on my tickets for the Glam Rock thingy, which by all accounts was quite a spectacle. I think we can safely say we’ve crossed Derby off of our to-visit-again list.

Some of you might know that I’ve joined Damsels in Success? It’s a networking group for ‘high-vibrational women’ – basically the kind of place where you get to network your business but also talk about life, love and all things positive. They had a kick-ass seminar - IGNITE - in Birmingham on 22nd – 23rd November and I went along…had an amazing time and left feeling utterly overwhelmed and a little bit ‘whoa’ after some pretty amazing speakers. Including the awe-inspiring Claire Lomas whose single handed determination to stay fit despite being paralysed from the chest down in a riding accident put my “I can’t go to the gym, it;s too cold” in its place.


I also loved Carly Hope who just has a total air of positivity about her, and a cute as a button Brummie accent that makes you warm to her even more. Carly walked out of a nice, safe bank job and decided to change her life…she’s now living the dream in Lanzarote, making shit-loads of money from teaching other women to do what she did.

I came back inspired and I’ve made a decision; this time next year I’m not going to be selling myself short, getting paid less than I’m worth and dealing with clients who mess me about. I want to be working as few hours as possible for as much moolah as I can, which involves a massive shift in how I work. With the help of the fantastic ladies in my Damsels group, I’m going to be offering packages to a select few businesses to help them sort out their own copy writing and social media. Then, the plan is going to be to start membership groups, training courses and webinars so that instead of working my backside off writing like a mad woman day in day out and wearing myself out, I’ll be writing webinars and courses that I can sell to loads of people at once.

I’ve already got rid of a couple of dodgy clients this year, and the people I’m left with are all lovely. I just don’t want to be in this position this time next year, juggling pennies, and living in a one bedroom flat that’s too small. I want my Victorian cottage and I’m bloody well going to have it. I’m spending Christmas/New Year week studying courses and business training and I will have my first survey/online Q&A and Mastermind group up and running by January. I promise.

I’m also sorting my health out. I’ve signed up for Juice Plus, which is a supplement made from a blend of 26 fruits and veggies. It’s quite pricey, but I’m trying it for four months and if it does what it’s done for other people, for me, I’ll be a convert and quite possibly wanting to sell it myself. I’ve been taking them for just over a week now, and no word of a lie, my discoid eczema has cleared up. I’ve had it on and off for many years, intensely itchy patches of eczema which flare up on my arms, legs, feet and shoulders, and drive me crazy. They usually take a week, maybe two or three sometimes, to clear up, and I have to put steroid cream on them daily which is a bit rubbish.

juice plus

I don’t have ANY patches at the moment and I did a week ago. I haven’t been putting anything on them, either, as I had hardly any ointment left and it’s practically impossible to get hold of at the moment.

I still have the contact dermatitis on my hands but that’s really stubborn, and might take a bit longer. I’m really, really impressed. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have any itchy patches on my skin.

The intensive nutrition is also meant to help digestive problems like IBS, and it cleared up arthritis in a woman who was threatened with having to have her joints fused before she started taking the supplements! It would be fab to get shot of my shoulder tendinitis too.

In the new year I’m due to be having some Facial Reflexology and/or Kinesiology from Mairead, a fabulous holistic therapist who thinks she can help sort out my reflux and IBS. We were going to do it before Christmas but I think it might have been a bit too scary to stop taking the medication just before the fattiest, sugariest and booziest week of the year! I’ll let you know how that goes, too.

Facial reflexology

So, that’s my life upgrade for 2015.

I did have lots more to say but this post is long enough already so I’ll save it. That’ll learn me to write blog posts a bit more often, won’t it?

If I don’t get round to it before Christmas, have a fabulous time and I’ll talk to you more in the New Year I promise. Next year I’m getting my Full Fat Life with bells on…