If you can’t say anything nice… 

This will just be a quickie as I’m really tired. Oh and I’ve been on the Sauvignon and my head is a bit woolly. 

I’m on a mission to be nice. Specifically to bring nice to social media. 

There’s so much mean around and there’s no need for it. You can say something nice to someone and really make their day,  how much better is that than bitching, bullying and pulling people to bits? 

I’m only human. I don’t like everyone in the public eye. Or at least I don’t like the way everyone is portrayed  they might be quite nice in real life. I make an exception for Katie Hopkins, she’s just vile, but most people are probably victims of their own PR. Oh and Donald Trump. I’m happy to be opinionated about him. 

I don’t always like the things I’m invited to like. I follow a lot of plus size bloggers and sometimes one of them will wear something I really hate. But the thing is, it’s all about personal taste. I’d never comment negatively, I prefer to zip it and only comment on what I like. Big people up, tell them they are fabulous and look awesome. How little effort does it take to compliment someone and how good do you think it makes them feel? 

I’m not about saying insincere nice things though. If I complement your blog  your look  your baby pictures or your art it’s only because I genuinely like it /them. Otherwise what’s the point?  But if I don’t like something, I won’t say anything. Because if you like it  you’re proud of it and it makes you happy, what would I gain from saying something mean?  Nothing. I hate to hurt people’s feelings. 

I think we should all adopt a policy of spreading some love online. Tell people you LOVE what they’re doing. Complement their hair, their kids, their blog posts, their iPhone photography ability. Be nice. Life is too short to bring each other down. 

And now I’m going to bed. Have a great weekend. 

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