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Picking myself up by my bra straps

pick yourself up by your bra straps

The weirdest thing has happened.

In the last week, maybe it’s the spring sunshine, maybe it’s the fact that any help with my ‘depression’ is on hold until the end of April, or maybe it’s something else, but I am in a freaking awesome mood!

I have to confess, food wise, I’m looking after myself a bit more. I don’t think my default setting of ‘nose first in a family size bag of Kettle Chips’ was doing much for my mood, and after THAT conversation with my dad I did give myself a big telling off. He’s fighting to make the most of whatever time he’s got left, and I owe him a bit of effort too. The doctor said this week she’d never known anyone live as long as Dad has with his condition. I think he’s going for the record…good for you, Dad.

I woke up at silly o’clock one morning this week and all I could think about was that I wanted to think of a way to help people while helping myself. I’ve got a zillion self improvement, NLP, confidence. positive thinking and law of attraction books and I still don’t ‘get it’. Some of the techniques are brilliant but why can’t I do anything with them? Why don’t I have the motivation?

There must be more women like me.

I thought about it a lot, mulling over the idea of setting up a group, writing a course with a support system, but like most of the ideas I’ve had, I parked it, it felt too much like hard work.

A couple of days later, I was at my Damsels in Success meeting and when we got to the part where we do a bit of an intro to ourselves and our businesses, Sophie stood up and told a group full of women her ‘suicide to self love’ story. Something just clicked…she’d been there and come out the other side. We needed to work together.

That afternoon, we spent about six hours in Wetherspoons with food and wine, plotting and scheming. We decided we both wanted to be able to help people, use the knowledge we have and the experiences we’ve had, and bring them to as many people as possible. It was so exciting! I felt a massive buzz when I was talking about how we’re going to create a private group, workbooks, videos and even a full sized book for women who buy self-improvement books but never do the work, who invest in online courses they don’t finish, who follow all the positivity experts on Twitter but think they will never have the life they want.

We want to show them that they WILL…they CAN and it’s all possible.

When we came up with “Pick Yourself Up By Your Bra Straps” we actually did a high five in the middle of Wetherspoons!

Just talking about this, setting up the Facebook and Twitter accounts, buying the domain name and getting the project started has fired me up and the weird thing is I honestly don’t feel like I’m depressed at all any more. Was I ever? Was it just a bad bout of S.A.D (winter blues) mixed in with money woes and a poorly Dad?

I feel like a bit of a fraud, in a weird way. I honestly felt so low a couple of weeks ago that I would have taken pills to feel better. Now I feel enthusiastic and optimistic, and I’m enjoying talking to the gorgeous women on the PYUBYBS Facebook page a LOT.

Life’s weird, isn’t it?