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Never Diet Again

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Where do you go when you’ve sworn off dieting?

Where is there to go when you’ve tried not dieting and got fatter, and tried dieting and got fatter too? Is there a way to actually end the obsession for good?

My next project is going to be researching this. I have plenty of time now as my biggest client ever-so-kindly dumped my ass with no notice yesterday, so I don’t have to set aside two days a week to work for them. I want to help lovely FatPhrocks and Wingz too, as some of you might know I do help them out too and with limited tools (basically Facebook and Twitter) getting the word out there isn’t easy. But I digress. That’s work.

No, I want to see if there’s a way to unlearn the stuff that’s keeping me fat. I have a hunch that it’s going to be brain rewiring that I need. I’ve been chatting online about this with friends all week and we all agreed dieting doesn’t work. And that every time we try it, it makes us want to eat more and think about food all the time. So the logical solution would be to reverse the psychology and deliberately NOT diet. Theoretically that should mean we don’t really care about what we eat, and just eat a bit of what we fancy, what we need and what tastes nice. Binging would be pointless if we weren’t always dieting – what’s the point of stuffing your face to the point where you feel horrible if you know you can eat whatever you like tomorrow anyway – there’s no point finishing the biscuits off if you’re not banning yourself from eating them again tomorrow.

So what’s stopping us?

We’re brainwashed. Constantly and every day. Not even just by magazines and TV and Internet, but by friends and family, by posters we see, everything points to the desperate need to lose weight and to diet. So when we try to reverse the psychology, there’s an avalanche of opposing information coming at us. Fat fat fat, diet diet diet. Obesity. Diabetes. Blah blah. We can’t escape it, and it’s very hard to ignore it.

If we could reprogramme ourselves to forget all the lies we’re told about healthy food -vs- unhealthy, we’d eat what we actually wanted rather than what we thought we should eat or were being compulsively driven to eat. Nobody knows what’s healthy or unhealthy – that ordinary potato is healthy according to the government but not to all the people who think we need to ban sugar. Meat is fantastic if you’re on the Paleo diet. If you’re a vegan you’ll have oodles of reasons why it’s very bad for you though. Fruit is always good for you, right? Not if you want to keep your sugar levels down. No bananas for you!


It’s madness. And every day we’re assaulted with a zillion messages confusing us even more about what to eat, how much to eat and so on.

Just STOP.

Reprogramming. That’s what we need…

Sunday Review


Oh God, it really has been a whole month since I last posted anything, hasn’t it?

No excuse really, I’ve just been really busy, a bit knackered and totally uninspired.

This full fat life thing, as far as being all about weight and size issues, has run its course for me. I haven’t changed my opinion at all but everything I think has already been said by another blogger and to be honest I have lost a bit of my passion for the subject. I was so looking forward to the workshops this weekend with Beyond Chocolate, but I has to cancel as they changed the venue and I didn’t realise… I couldn’t get a half decent hotel close by that didn’t cost a lot more than the one I had to cancel, and it was further across London which made getting there on time from sleepy Suffolk really tricky. Big sigh.

So, what am I going to do with a blog all about a full fat life? Well the buzz word in blogging for ages has been authenticity, being real, so perhaps it’s time I let you into my own full fat life?

It’s not a secret that I haven’t been myself over the last year or so. But this week I decided enough was enough and that I need to get this lazy backside of mine back to the gym! I was working out in the park with kettle bells until the tendonitis in my arm got too painful, but it’s feeling better now so I made it up to the gym for the first time I’m nine months this week and I did feel a lot better for it. Can’t pretend I didn’t notice the difference though, it was a lot harder work.  My sweaty red face did at least make me look like a woman who has just worked out though!

When I’ve finished the Oreos in the kitchen I’m also going on a strict wheat free diet to try and see if it helps my digestive system. Its been a bit crap (well a lot of crap if you want literal detail) and managing IBS and gastritis is such a drag that most of the time I just wat whatever I want and deal with it later. But it would be lovely to not have to take pills every day so I’m going to give it a good go.

Anyway, that’s my news body wise. Job wise I’ve suddenly become in demand, which is fabulous, but I applied for a job setting up and editing a brand new magazine full-time a few weeks ago and heard diddly squat. I’ve only done that twice in the past, I did think I’d at least get an interview.

The books are doing OK but I still haven’t made a penny from Viva Voluptuous and I doubt that I will. I am sending a copy to Dawn French… Paloma Faith has one too but I didn’t hear whether she actually read it. If you haven’t bought it yet, the link is there at the side of the page…. hint hint….

So…that’s me for now. I’ll be posting updates on the gym and health situ for you and general musings on life as a chubster, but I’m not cut out for activism, not young or popular enough to be a fashion blogger and my lifestyle isn’t aspirational enough f
or me to post lots of stylish images of my home… The Moley makes way too much mess for me to be posting pics where I’m posing in my kitchen looking serene and accomplished…Keeping my living room clean is like painting the Forth bridge, I just about get it tidy and more mess appears!!

Anyway, have a lovely Sunday and I’ll be back soon….