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Healthy Eating Redefined…

images doughnuts

  • Would you like to find out how to lose weight, without trying to lose weight?
  • Would you like to eat more of the foods you consider healthy?
  • Would you like to feel good about yourself as a woman, as a person, even if you don’t like your body at the moment?
  • Would you like to start your day, your week, your year without promising that you’ll go on a diet, eat less, exercise more, lose weight, be healthier all round…?

I was certainly up for a bit of that, so I signed up for the Beyond Chocolate HEALTHY EATING REDEFINED & BODY CONFIDENCE AND WEIGHT LOSS workshops in October.

I’ve been a bit meh over the last year and I want to get some of my positive juju back again – I thought that this might be the way forward!

The two day workshops promise;

  • Practical tools
  • A new mindset
  • Confidence
  • Peace of mind.

Amen to that!

What’s more, there’s a discount on offer if you use the code SARAHCLARK…you’ll get a 10% discount on the already reduced weekend (if you choose both days)

It’s all happening on 25 & 26 October 2014 in London

The girls from Beyond Chocolate say, “We’re re-defining healthy eating so that you come away knowing exactly what you want to eat. No more confusion or feeling guilty. And on the second day… we’ll be getting to the nub of the weight loss question so that you know how to feel good in your body whatever size you are.”

Book your place now – BOOK HERE - and don’t forget the discount code!

I do hope there will be cake…

Betty and book

A little brag and a happy dance

Betty and book

I’m so excited.

I mean REALLY excited.

It all started with me sending a copy of Viva Voluptuous to the gorgeous Betty Pamper, who promised to review it on her fabulous blog, Pamper and Curves.

I’ve mentioned Betty before; I’m a bit of a fan.

So anyway, she read it, and she loved it. She said:

I wasn’t sure I  wanted to read a whole book about a girl who struggles because she is fat because I’m fat and have a marvellous life. I needn’t have worried. Its a great read, funny, observational featuring well developed characters that are totally relatable”

She also captioned the photo above with the Best. Quote. Ever.

Well written fat character with lots of mates who gets laid a lot.”

So, Betty’s review went live and the book started selling. By today it was number 47 in the Kindle Women#s Humorous Fiction chart, and number 85 in Kindle Women’s Popular Fiction…above books by Lindsey Kelk, Jane Green and Marian Keyes, who I LOVE.

I want to get into the top ten, so if you want to see me do a happy dance on Facebook:

Just download it for £3.08 and I promise I’ll post the video as soon as I get into the top ten!

And BIG thanks to Betty, whose kind words shot Viva Voluptuous and Gorgeously Full Fat into the charts…Mwah xx





No More ‘D’ Word!

If you think that the only way to get healthy is deprive yourself of all the c’s (chocolate, cake, crisps, cheese and Chardonnay) – this week’s guest poster, the lovely Kerry, can tell you otherwise. She was diagnosed with diabetes earlier this year and had to change her lifestyle – but after having the same experiences as most of us when she tried dieting, she decided to take another route.

Kerry has got fit and healthy by being kind to herself, listening to her body, and taking it slowly…I’ll let her explain.


I love food, especially cheese! Cheese & a LOT of other food has made me fat. I got fed up with being fat so decided to do something about it. I won’t bore you, but like most curvy girls I’ve tried every diet under the sun. Clearly they all failed! I always ended up even fatter after each diet as I wanted to eat everything I had been depriving myself of. I’m also an emotional eater, so the mere hint of stress and there I would be with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s or a slab of cheddar.

It took its toll on my body, I was diagnosed as being diabetic among other things, so in January this year after the usual Christmas/New Year pig out I decided to change my lifestyle. I also had a goal as I was marrying my lovely hubby in April & didn’t want to look like a roly poly blancmange in my wedding dress.

I looked at various local gyms but as soon as I rang FitClub I knew it was the place for me. I spoke to Zoe, the owner & she invited me to go for an initial look around, chat & if I wanted a quick & painless fitness test. The gym is not part of a chain, I would describe it as compact and bijou! There will never be more than 5 people working out at the same time as you. The group sessions are mostly for ladies, different times on different days run by Zoe or her trusty sidekick Teresa. Neither of them are young gym bunnies, thank god, they are all women who have battled with their weight (I’ve seen photographic evidence!) and therefore are incredibly understanding about wobbly bits!

What I do…

I see Zoe once a week for an hourly Personal Training session (PT) in which she weighs me & then puts me through my paces. It is hard work, I sweat like a pig but feel fantastic afterwards. She occasionally measures the wobbly stuff – I have managed to lose 15cm off my waist – go me! But the old bingo wings are taking a while longer as only 2cm off so far. I do like to have a little moan whilst exercising but Zoe has a fantastic non bullying attitude which encourages you to keep going without making you feel like you are going to keel over!  I also go to a group session that Teresa runs. There are 3 other ladies who are lovely & we have a good old natter while exercising. Zoe also runs Pilates classes, which I go to, again another group where we have a laugh & exercise. If you would have told me at the beginning of the year I would be exercising 3 times a week I would have spat my ball of Mozzarella at you!


But my lifestyle changes have worked! I’ve lost just over 2 stone. From my post Christmas weigh in at home it is actually over three stone. I’ve been eBaying my old clothes to make a few pennies to pay for more clothes. A lot of people have commented that I’ve lost weight, but more importantly I feel better in myself. I’ve dramatically cut down my cheese intake, something I NEVER thought would happen. Hubby & I have reduced our portion sizes as we were eating enough for a rugby team between us. We are eating much healthier, particularly me, being veggie was making me lazy, hence the cheese addiction!

Hard Work!

Some days are hard work, especially when all I really want is an Indian take-away or macaroni cheese. I do let myself have them if I really want them, and a tipple or two at the weekends if I fancy it. I’m doing it at my pace, i.e. I may have a bad week but I get back on track. I’m only human & have failed too many diets to use the “d” word again.

I know how important the exercise is as early in the Summer I put my back out. I was miserable as I couldn’t even put my own socks on (poor hubby). I really wanted to pig out as I was bored and fed up. I didn’t want to move to the loo unless I was desperate, so not a hope of leaping around on the cross trainer! I missed exercise, something I NEVER thought I would have said! I missed the social aspect of the classes too, as they are now a fun part of my week. I have been seeing a Chiropractor for years but he only ever gave my back a quick fix, it would still take days or weeks to get back to “normal”. I went to see Zoe who already knew all about my back & put me on light exercise duty with exercises I could easily do at home.

I will be carrying on with my exercise sessions, my much healthier lifestyle and (don’t tell Zoe) my naughty take-aways. As you can see from the pic I’m never going to be a skinny minny. I will be yippee skippee if I got to a size 16 & can shop wherever I want, which is where I am heading. I’m totally realistic and know this will take months, there’s no quick fix. I’m no longer a miserable size 24 getting out of breath going up the stairs, my health problems have improved dramatically and I’m much happier in myself.

Believe in yourself lovelies as you are the only one that can help you get to where you want to be.

Fluffy hugs

Kerry x

Big plug for Zoe –




happy place

My Name is Sarah and…

happy place

I’m an overeater.

Yep, I’m holding my hands up and admitting that despite everything I’ve said in Gorgeously Full Fat, I also said I was a work in progress, and in the last year or so, not very much progress has been made!

I could bore you with the gory details but let’s just go for ‘Things have been a bit tricky’ and leave it there. I feel like I’ve gone backwards, especially as a year or so of not quite getting it led to some of last year’s summer wardrobe feeling a tad snug, which in turn led to the realisation that my aching knees were probably protesting because of the weight gain, and I scurried back to Slimming World. I thought if I did it ‘my way’ and didn’t take it too seriously I could handle it, but I stomped out of there in a bad mood a month or so ago, remembering that no, diets still don’t work, and now I’ve had to try and placate my poor brain, as it thinks I’m going to be starving the rest of me again soon and is busy making me want to eat frankly quite disgusting things that I’d otherwise turn my nose up at just in case I start looking at the slimming club posters again and thinking “Well, maybe this time…”

It was just after I stormed out of Slimming World for definitely, absolutely the last time that I got the email through about the Beyond Chocolate workshops in October. I’ve flirted with the idea of Beyond Chocolate before, but I’ve read the books and shied away from the actions because there’s a defiant stroppy teenager inside me who is REALLY fed up with being stressed and obsessed with food, and just wants to stop thinking about it, instead of navel gazing and trying to work out why she eats things like Monster Munch when she really doesn’t even enjoy them after about three crisps (are they crisps? Or paws? or bits of monster? I don’t know, but you get my drift.)

The description for the workshops was pretty enticing though so I signed up. There are two – one of the Beyond Chocolate approach to healthy eating, and one on body confidence. I have to hold my paw up and confess that I’m currently struggling with both. Healthy eating is rammed down our throats all day every day. If we actually listened to every bit of advice we’re given, we wouldn’t eat anything at all. I KNOW this, but it doesn’t stop me over analysing everything I eat, Monster Munch included, and beating myself for not being healthy enough. Yeah, I might wish I was Ella Woodward, the award winning 20-something food blogger of Deliciously Ella, who wins awards for her beautifully photographed, scrumptious sounding super healthy food. Unfortunately, my diet is less Deliciously Ella and more…I don’t know, someone who eats too much.


  Ella’s lunch


Sarah’s lunch

As for the body image; the last time I truly, truly felt confident about my body was probably in about 2012 when I was working out like a maniac three times a week at the gym. I had to stop going to the gym when my work patterns changed completely and I couldn’t afford the gym membership, so I did try signing up for walking challenges but…well, you know.  I’ve lost my fitness, gained squidge and it’s had an effect on how I see myself. Yeah, I scrub up alright on a good day but I’m not feeling confident.

Beyond Temptation

To get me fired up for the Beyond Chocolate weekend, I thought I’d read both books again. I’ve just started getting into Beyond Temptation, which is the second book, and I read something that made me sit up and take notice.

Food is the easiest way of getting instant gratification, or doing something nice for ourselves. Eating is the best way to take a break or have a rest without actually stopping. It’s a little window of pleasure in days that are otherwise filled with putting other people’s needs before our own…..That chocolate muffin is often the only way we know to look after ourselves without putting anyone out, letting anyone down, going out on a limb or saying no.

That’s me! I’ll get a cake with the Tesco shop as a little treat because I’ve had to spend the time doing the food shopping online when I can’t really be arsed with it, and it’s my reward. I go backwards and forwards to the kitchen to overeat on food I don’t need because I don’t REALLY want to be writing that thing I’ve been asked to write, or I think the person asking me to write six blog posts by the end of the week but is paying me sod all for it is taking the p*ss…but it’s easier to distract myself from being stressed or put upon with a mouthful of Hob Nob than it is to get my Big Girl Knickers on and stand up for myself.

So anyway. I think (after I’ve put the washing out and done the washing up) that I’m going to use my work-free window this afternoon to treat myself. Not to a cake, but to an uninterrupted afternoon with the rest of the book. I deserve some me-time. I really think that it’s time I sorted it out.


If you want to get a deal on the Beyond Chocolate weekend, it’s on 25th – 26th October in London, and should be £390 for both days. They’ve already discounted £50, and if you use the discount code SARAHCLARK you get a further 10% off that, which brings it down to £306. And you’ll get to meet me too *blush*

The details are available on the New Workshops page of the Beyond Chocolate website.