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Resolutions? Sod that. Happy 2014!


I was going to post something about plans for 2014, but you know what? Nah.

I don’t make resolutions any more. There’s no point. I’m still the same person on 1st January as I was on 31st December. As I don’t do the diet thing any more, there’s no ceremonial throwing out of the Christmas stash, which is just as well as I was a lucky girl and managed to get about 2.5 kilos of chocolate given to me at Christmas, which even with my legendary chocolate demolishing abilities would be hard to eat in the space of a week.

I have been thinking that I want to do more with this blog mind you. I think that because my tell it how it is, warts and all posts went down so well, and in fact I got the book written off the back of them, people must like them, so I’ll do more of those. I also want to open the blog theme up a bit and not just write about the fat positive side of things, but embrace the positive in everything. It’s OK to be whoever and whatever you are, in my book. If you are happy and fat, all power to you. If you’re skinny – I love you too. If you’re anything in between, it’s all good. Just be happy, be positive, be the best YOU that you can, because gorgeous people, you will never ever be happy trying to be someone else.

I feel very positive about 2014. I know I’ve got some tough times ahead but I can deal with them. I’m getting married in a few days, I have plans for the blog, the business and another book, and with Moley on my side, I reckon it’s all going to work out just fine.


(and a classic Abba tune for you)

Big Beautiful News!

VV cover

For over a year, since this blog was still Queen Simply Be, I’ve been talking about the book. The one I got the contract to write in 2012. Viva Voluptuous.

I wrote the first draft by the end of last year, but being my first book, it needed a little tweak or fifty so it took a while to get it just how I wanted it. I’ve been through edits, proof reading, cover design and now….I have a release date!

Viva Voluptuous will be launched onto the world in April 2014. I’m so excited! I’m plotting talks with local libraries and hoping for a book launch in Waterstones, but for now, I just have the absolutely gorgeous cover to share with you, with the blurb about the story.

What do you think? I’d LOVE your opinion!

(Meanwhile – Gorgeously Full Fat is on sale at £2.99 for Kindle downloads and £5.95 for paperback if you haven’t read it yet.)

Stop, breathe, step away from the laptop…

best friendSometimes, something happens that just makes you stop and think.

Today, that thing was, well, two things.

First, I had an email from Donna on the Beach. Donna is bloody lovely and hers is one of the blogs that pings up in my inbox that I pretty much always make time to read, but here she was talking about having a meltdown. The first words of her ‘14 lessons from ye olde meltdowne‘ were:

 When you feel jealous of other people taking time off, it’s a big red sign to TAKE TIME OFF!

Guilty. I get jealous when my beloved has days off to relax, because relax he does. He’s got the whole day off thing sussed, because when he’s not at work, he stays in bed until he feels like getting out, watches videos on YouTube and potters. What do I do?

I check my emails. Sometimes I can’t help myself, I also reply to them and even abandon the day off and do that urgent bit of work instead. Then I decide the flat looks like a tip and have to clean it. I might go into town and pick up some shopping, but not pretty things, food and boring stuff. I do the little errands I have been meaning to get round to while I’ve been working. Then, and only then, I might sit down.

OK, I went to a spa the other day and it was GORGE but I worked on the day I went right up to when the taxi picked me up, checked my emails when I was there, and as soon as I got home the following day I was on the laptop. I had 24 hours respite. Then I had a stupidly busy week and now I feel like I didn’t go at all, although when I think about that Indian Head Massage I had, I do go off into my own little world.

So. The second thing.

I did some more of my 2014 Amazing Life Workbook this afternoon. Have you got yours yet? These li’l workbooks are fabulous for concentrating your mind, and so pretty. I purposely started with ‘life’ rather than ‘work’ and my lists were…um…revealing.

This Year I Give Myself Permission To…

  • Take some time off
  • Look after myself
  • Do things that I want to do
  • Escape and read books
  • Walk with my ipod on
  • Sit and think
  • Have fun without having to work for it first
  • Spoil myself
  • Release negative people from my life

Do you think the universe, or maybe just my subconscious, might be trying to tell me something?




It’s that time of year…

…No,not another book plug.125x125-animated

Time for me to take stock and sit in front of my Amazing Biz and Life Workbooks and decide what the freaking hell I want to do with 2014.

I loved the 2013 Workbooks but I didn’t get around to filling them all in. Partly because I just didn’t get around to it, but also because they had to be printed out, and I’m never good at filling that stuff in. So imagine my squeals of delight when I found out that this years workbooks come in a cool downloadable PDF format that you can type directly into AND for those of you that want something pretty two write in, you can but them on Amazon too. Or you can print them off as usual and write on them in a pretty, glittery felt tip if that floats your boat.

I started with the LIFE workbook because that’s where I neglect things. I do the work and the bits before, after and between tend to get crowded out by deadlines. I also thought it was more fun to talk about that on the blog as a lot of the things I’ve looked back at about 2013 have been related to the Gorgeously Full Fat blog and book.

I’ve started by looking back at 2013, to say goodbye to it. I won’t actually be too sad to wave goodbye. I’m not one of those people who posts “Good riddance to a crap year” on Facebook, but Lordy, for my family, my friends and my bank account, this one’s been hard work. What has it taught me? well this is what I wrote in the workbook:

“Honesty works better than pretending to be someone I’m really not. People accept me as I am, I don’t have to pretend I’m happy when I’m sad, or that I care about things I don’t.

I can have an opinion that’s different to someone else’s and they will still like me.  If they don’t – it’s tough, and their problem.
I am way more resilient than I thought I was…”

I also wrote:

“I learned that I really need to start to take care of ME. Nobody else is responsible for my wellbeing.
I realised just how much I need ME time and often don’t get it.
I realised I don’t have to be perfect.
Honesty is really the way to go – in blogs, in books and in real life.”

Scary stuff, huh? But on the plus side:

What am I proud of?

  • Keeping it together when times have been really shitty.
  • Publishing the book
  • Never giving up, and trying to stay positive
  • Being able to help mum and dad out as much as possible, and feeling like I’m useful.
  • Organising a wedding single-handedly
  • Dealing with work/money problems and not letting them break me
  • Coming up with so many new ideas for things to do in work and life

The next step is starting work on what I want from 2014….I’m just going to leave it there for a day or so….

If you fancy doing this sort of thing too, but you think it might be pricey, don’t panic, you can get the whole lot for about £8 or they are £5 separately. Yep, really. Less than a couple of lattes. I’m damn well doing it this year, you watch me!

paperback Cover

It’s Christmas!!!

paperback CoverTo celebrate the season of goodwill, and to get Gorgeously Full Fat out to as many people as I possibly can before the Christmas diets take over, I’ve dropped the price to an astonishingly good value (I think) £2.99 for the Kindle download, and £5.95 in paperback.

The perfect companion to the forthcoming Viva Voluptuous,which is due for release in early 2014…go on, treat yourself – or someone else!

via It’s Christmas!!!.