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Patty and Velvet

London Plus Size Fashion – Update

Carolyn de la Drapiere

As I might have mentioned before, I tried to get an invite to the press day for London Plus Size Fashion Weekend. But I couldn’t.

One blogger who did make it through the hallowed doors of Beach Blanket Babylon was Patty, creator of Miss Difusa. She very kindly agreed to tell us all about it!

Patty said, “I arrived at the stunning venue in Shoreditch just in time and I was lucky to meet Becky (from ‘Does my blog makes me look fat?’) by the ube station, and Sharon aka Big Fat Betty who came to our rescue and walked to the venue with us.
The Beach Blanket Babylon restaurant in Shoreditch was gorgeous. We waited there for a few minutes for the whole team of bloggers and photographers to arrive, and everybody was really welcoming and friendly. I felt very comfortable.

While waiting for an hour downstairs for the upstairs show to be ready, I had the opportunity to speak to all the lovely ladies like Nefferth (from Mode Plus), Susie (from Cupcake and Pearls) and the beautiful bombshell that owns the Coco Curve Boutique – check out the fabulous denim jackets  in her online shop, she was wearing one on Friday and they look great.

Patty with Becky and Sharon
Sarah (who works for Evolve magazine and organised the bloggers meeting) was very friendly and gave me her email so I could send her any live blogging later on. I wrte a blog late on Friday night and by Saturday my blog was uploaded on the Evolve magazine website.

One of my highlights and a lovely surprise was getting to meet Marcy Guevara who I adore and have been following for months, I wasn’t aware she was coming to the event all the way from California so I did behave like a groupie when I saw her walking into the restaurant. I was lucky enough throughout the event to get to talk to her several times about everything from fashion to family and we had pictures taken together too.

After an hour we made our way upstairs and we soon realised that the space wasn’t great for the amount of people attending but I guess that’s just one these things when you organise such a big show. Thankfully, I had a drink and a cupcake in my hand so the heat was bearable (I am Spanish and therefore used to the heat). I have heard lots of criticism about the venue, including that it wasn’t accessible for anyone with a disability, but I’m sure this will be improved with time.

Inside I also got to meet more bloggers, models and the stunning Velvet D’Amour (check amazing magazine).

Patty and Velvet




I’ve been to many press events in my short life because I work in media/marketing, so it wasn’t a press event as a such as nobody explained what was going to happen the following day, although we did get a sneak peek of some of the designs on a ‘homemade’ catwalk. The room was a bit crammed at that stage but thanks to being short (yeahh!) I managed to stay in and watch the whole show.

All in all, it was a good day for networking, socialising and spreading the word about Miss Difusa.

London Plus Size Fashion Weekend

Syreeta BaduWell, it’s the weekend the fatshionistas have been waiting for. Although I haven’t quite managed to rack up enough fashion credentials (or perhaps because I didn’t have a business to advertise in their guide) I didn’t manage to gatecrash the press party, but with the help of the super-gorgeous Miss Difusa I’m getting an insider view of the event straight from someone who was allowed in. Must have been the shoes hey?

The fashion show on Saturday is going to be SO much fun, with Simply Be, Syreeta Badu, Anna Scholz and more flaunting their best frocks and funky wares on the catwalk. I can’t wait to see what the Daily Mail make of it. I did offer to cover it for Grazia but they completely ignored me – when I’m a world-famous novelist they’ll be using their beautiful Louboutin stilettos to kick themselves, but for now it seems I’m remaining under the radar…

The British Plus Size Fashion Weekend is so special because it’s the first time local and international designers, speakers, models and retailers have had a chance to come together to showcase their collections and their passion for plus sized women. You can still get tickets for tomorrow’s events if you want to see the fashion show, it’s tomorrow night, at Shoreditch Town Hall, 380 Old Street, London EC1V 9LT tickets are £20 and they are on sale until midnight tonight. Get yours here… Fashion Show Tickets


When I grow up I want to be a fatshion blogger

My Big Fat

Times, they are a-changing. I can’t remember a time I’ve felt so enthusiastic about the fashion industry, and being a non-standard size part of it.

Yes, it’s London Plus Size Fashion Weekend in a few days, and good luck to them. With Simply Be and Anna Scholz both flaunting their best on the catwalk, and every fat fashion blogger worth her size 16 skinny jeans being invited (I have neither size 16 skinny jeans or an invitation, but I’m not bitter) it’s going to be HUGE and I can’t wait to see the pictures, read the write ups and get a guest blog from one of the lovely ladies lucky enough to be granted a press pass!

It’s not just that. I just read a fantastic article in The Sunday Times (here’s a link to My Big Fat Fashion Statement) and it was so positive. These girls are fat and they don’t care. They are also drop dead gorgeous, fashionable, feisty and good role models for anyone who thinks the only way to be happy, healthy, attractive or acceptable to society is by dieting to within an inch of your life and not going out if you reach a size 14 or more.

Georgina Horne (right), who has working her curves down to a fine art, bright red lips and a body confidence most skinny women don’t even seem to posess, nailed something for me when she said she hates standard thin-hate sayings like “Real men want meat, dogs want bones.”

Georgina said, “What part of {abusing other people} is getting your own back? The biggest payback is being happy in yourself”

Or maybe the three modelling contracts she has?

I would love to be able to say I have th esky-high confidence levels of sassy fat fashionistas like Georgina, Marie Denee, Nicolette Mason and Bethany Rutter. I’m working on it, and it’s bloggers like these that are giving fat girls like me a dose of feel good fashion and kick-ass body positivity that just can’t help but make any plus size fashion lover feel like she belongs.


Get your legs out!

I promised to keep you updated about the launch of Miss Difusa

.. and at last the tights are here.

I apologise for the terrible photo, being photogenic isn’t one of my talents, but these are the 20-26 pink heart tights and I was lucky enough to be sent a review pair.


They are great quality, only £6.30 which is pretty damn good for fashion tights, nice and thick and the pattern doesn’t fade out at the top as the thighs expand. They felt a bit tight at the top around my hips; I wear a size 22 normally but I am probably a generous 22 on the hips and a lot of jeans and tights feel a bit tight on my bum. I think they’re pretty true to size.

They’ll look great on a night out and it makes such a difference not to be stuck with plain black lycra so a big ‘Yay’  to Miss Difusa.

If you’re going to London Plus Size Fashion Weekend the lovely ladies behind Miss Difusa will be there so pick yourself up a pair…

Does this book make me look fat?

Well, does it?BridgetJones

Hot on the heels of the frankly fantastic news that another Bridget Jones book is due out in November, was a report I saw online saying that reading about super-skinny heroines or women hating on their bodies in chick-lit can make us mere mortal readers feel bad about ourselves. Really? I kid you not.

Apparently, a study by Virginia Tech University found that women felt ‘significantly’ less sexually attractive when reading about slim characters, and when the protaganist suffered from low self-esteem, readers started to get more stressed about their own weight.


That’s got to be bad news for most chick-lit writers, well the sort that obsess about the skinny, glamorous girls who get upset about putting a couple of pounds onto their enviable size ten bodies.

Hey, but it’s great news for me! Because that must mean that reading about curvy girls who love their bodies and are having a fabulous time will make women everywhere feel great about their less-than-perfect selves. Just one more excuse for me to get on with it and write the freaking book…

Ever wish you hadn’t started something?

For a few minutes this afternoon, I did. typewriter_woman

I’m writing a book called Viva Voluptuous. It’s about the adventures of a feisty, curvy heroine and her two besties, who decide they’ve had enough of all the negative press that fat people get and set about trying to change things. At the heart of the story, our heroine has to find her own lost Mojo too, as she’s just been dumped by a boyfriend who left her feeling less than sassy and she’s trying to make herself feel better as well as big up the confidence of gorgeous, curvaceous women everywhere.

It was dead easy at first. Fired up with the big idea and with my cheerleader Lisa behind me, I submitted my first three chapters to a publisher and did a little dance when I heard they’d accepted it and I was going to be a published novelist! Then there was the tricky bit…I only had three chapters. Now I had to make them into a book. *scared*

So I wrote and I wrote. I gave my heroine adventures, lovers and a past. I created her two besties, sent her all over the place and got her into loads of trouble. The “Shitty first draft” didn’t really take me that long to finish, and I was soon editing, chopping, changing and moving bits around. I sent it to be edited by a proper, clever, knows-what-she’s-doing editor lady who sent it back with lots of encouraging comments and set me back to work on editing it again.

This time it was trickier, but mostly it was adding in extra words. Turns out I’m a way better blogger than I am a story teller, and so it’s been a real eye-opener getting to grips with the way I write and changing it up so that I’m telling a tale, spinning a story and dreaming up adventures. Who knew making up conversations was so hard?

So anyway, it came back again last week, and my heart sank. You know when you’ve worked really hard on your homework at school and it comes back with red teacher’s comments all over it? That. Trouble is, I know my lovely editor lady is right! She wants the book to be a fantastic success and thinks I’ve got a brilliant idea, but the book, well it just needs some love. It needs crafting into a work of fiction, something that will get women everywhere to shout a big ‘Hell yeah’ as they turn the pages.

What do I want the book to be? I want it to be fun, a bloody good read and the kind of story that makes anyone who reads it feel good. I’ve never written a novel before so it’s gonna take time, love and practice…and determination!

Plan A is to get my head into some of my favourite girly books and really study them to see how they craft their stories. This weekend I’m mostly going to be hiding myself away with my netbook, sitting in a coffee shop in Bury St Edmunds somewhere and people watching, making notes, reading, rewriting and totally immersing myself in my characters and their lives so that I can bring them to you and make you love them all like I already do! If you’re in the vicinity, and want to treat me to a coffee and a cakey thing, be my guest.

So I’m not expecting Viva Voluptuous to be unleashed until later in the year, but to keep me going I thought I’d share a bit of the process with you. I’ll check in every week and let you know how I’m doing…and when it’s finally finished and I’m finally happy that I’ve done my book baby justice, you’ll be the first to know!


Feel Good Friday

It’s Feel Good Friday today. Officially, Feel  Good Friday is a day that’s supported by The Samaritans, and if you take a peep at the Scarlett Janewebsite it’s full of big and bright ideas for ways to brighten up your office or organise an event. But I don’t see why it should be confined to those of us who work with other people, and I don’t see why we can’t all embrace the feel good vibes and have a freaking fabulous Friday.

So, what sort of thing can you do to make yourself extra specially fabulous today? I mean RIGHT NOW?

I reckon you should go away and make a list. I’ll give you a few ideas of the things that might appear on my list, and you have complete freedom to say “Nah, that’s a bit lame” or “I fancy me a bit o’that!”

And then you can think of some things for YOU.

1. Avoid the news. All day. That means SKY News, TV news, newspapers, the Mail Online (especially the Mail Online). If you can’t trust yourself, you need Tea and Kittens. Kitten Block cleverly diverts you every time you try and click on a Daily Mail link, and gives you a picture of kittens instead. With tea. It’s ace!

2. Pick a film that NOBODY else wants to see except you. Go and see it on your own. If you feel the urge, buy a bag of popcorn or pick & mix and indulge your inner child. You do NOT have to have a plus one for the cinema!

3. Make up a playlist for your MP3 player or on Spotify, or even go old skool and make a mix tape/CD. Put all of your favourite songs on it and either dance around the room like a nutty woman when nobody is looking OR stick your MP3 player on, and go for a really long walk. Either way do NOT let yourself be distracted by phones, work or other people. just really listen to the music and enjoy it.

4, Do you have kids? If so, take them out to the park, to the ducks, or even just out in the garden and play with them. Chase them around, tickle them, play hide and seek and generally make them (and you) laugh. A lot. We don’t laugh enough as adults, that’s why we have things like ‘Laughter Therapy.’ And kids.

5. Eat *whatever* you like. Go on. If you’re on a diet, throw caution to the wind. The only proviso is you have to really enjoy it. No shovelling it down and looking over your shoulder to see if anyone’s watching. Just eat, enjoy and smile. If you need help with this, my recommendation is to watch “Eat Pray Love” on DVD and see how Julia Roberts gets on in Rome. Makes me hungry just to think about it!

6. If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, get one. set yourself up a few dream boards. None of them, just for today, is allowed to be “When I am thin” although pretty clothes and fashion images are allowed. You might even want to try setting up a curvy images board like this one: Curvalicious Body Images. Look at THAT whenever someone tells you that big girls can’t be sexy. Or just dream…think up your perfect home and scout for furniture. Look for amazing art, pretty shoes, gorgeous food pics (there are a lot of cupcakes on Pinterest), whatever floats your boat. Lose yourself in daydreaming about things you love looking at. Them make sure you come back to it and add to it.

7. Spread the love. If you think your workmate looks sensational, tell her. Or him. Compliment your Dad on the DIY he’s proud of. Tell your Mum she’s amazing. Smile at people in the street. Chat to the girl on the Boots counter about, well, anything really. The more positivity you chuck out there, the more will come back your way and you know what, it feels great when you make someone’s day.

8. Do something you keep putting off because you haven’t got time. Book that hair cut (guilty as charged), paint your nails, read the book you were bought for Christmas, watch the DVD. Try that recipe you keep meaning to have a go at. Call the friend you promised to call three months ago. The only rule is it has to be something nice, and it can’t be housework, DIY or work related. It’s got to be for YOU.

9. Read feelgood websites and blogs. Try some bad-ass Sassyology or some Goddess-y goodness from Leonie. Or join the Goddess Circle and find loads (and I mean loads) of totally free things to download, links to some amazing, uplifting blogs and some fabulous women to chat to.

Some of these things are fabulously free, others you might have to splash some cash, but they should all make you feel GOOD. And that’s what Feel Good Friday is all about…I’d love to know what you did to make yourself feel fantastic today…