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Real women

Real Women

Real womenI’m going to be on a mission in 2013.

The mission? Well, apart from changing the world one way or another, making it perfectly OK to be fat, educating people that you can be healthy AND overweight and that fat girls do exercise…

I want to challenge the idea that a FAT or CURVY woman is a REAL woman.

Of course, used in that context it sounds daft. Fat woman are real women, obviously. It’s not usually used in that context though. It’s used to put down slim women. It’s used in the media stoked battle between overweight people and slim people, and it’s been adopted by curvy girls as a mantra to beat their skinny sisters with.

“We’re real women!”

I don’t want to see any more fat-vs- thin nonsense, please. You do all know that the battle was invented by the media anyway, don’t you? It’s in their interest to keep us big girls on diets, promote Weight Watchers and then pretend they are on ‘our side’ with headlines announcing that so-and-so is a real woman because she’s over a size 16. It’s blatant, girlfriend, and it’s designed to keep YOU reading their magazines and newspapers so that while you see their declarations about fat girls being the next big (ahem) thing, you also see the images of skinny actresses and the constant adverts for diets. And the reports about how obesity kills more people than…well, anything, really.

So we pick up the paper because we see the ‘real women’ headlines, get sucked in by the diets after reading the stories about skinny actresses, and the advertisers are happy. As are the people who make ££s from selling their magazines and newspapers. The people who lose out are us women, made to feel bad for being fat AND for being thin all at the same time.

Don’t fall for it. We are all real. We are all women. And we are all just as good as each other.

Happy 2013!


Foodie New Year’s Resolutions

glutenWhen people start talking about New Year’s resolutions, the word diet usually crops up. It did for me, for more years than I could count. This year would be the year I sorted myself out, lost weight and got down to <insert weight as appropriate: this usually increased year on year as I got fatter and fatter>

For the last few years I haven’t done that. My overeating still bothered me, but I was in the process of learning to accept myself at whatever size, whatever life threw at me. After spending almost three years on the dating website roundabout, I realised that self-acceptance was harder than I’d anticipated but on the whole I kinda like myself now, chubby bits and all.

My overeating still bugs me sometimes though. I’m occasionally tempted in by the idea of a new diet, even though Sensible Sarah wags her finger and reminds the part of me that’s contemplating Slimming World that last time I tried dieting I developed an unhealthy obsession with cheesey Quavers and gave up after three weeks,

So, this year I’ve really given it some thought and decided to vow:

1. No more diets. OK, I resolved the same last year, but even though I didn’t diet last year, there’s no harm in re-resolving. It’s like re-gifting, only to myself.

2. Really learn to enjoy food. This year I’m going to experiment with recipes and ingredients, and make a point of eating what I enjoy, not just eating for the sake of it.

3. Notice when I’m overeating, don’t beat myself up for it, and let it go. The more I stress about it, the more it happens. We all eat too much sometimes. The logic is…if I notice it and acknowledge it, I can try to prevent it and stop it in its tracks.

4. Eat the foods that help my health and dump the foods that make it worse. OK, I probably won’t completely cut out booze and cutting out coffee is like losing a limb but it’s going to do me good to make anything that irritates acid reflux a very minor part of my diet. So it also means not eating big meals, not eating late and going easy on fatty, salty, spicy foods. After I’ve cooked our Indian feast tomorrow, complete with poppadoms and mango chutney, mini cheesecakes and wine. Well, it’s New Year’s Eve!

5. Get to grips with the fact that I’m just lovely as I am. Not exactly a foodie resolution but it’s a self-perpetuating thing. If you don’t like the body you’re in, you won’t look after it. In ‘Viva Voluptuous’ the heroine starts off with a head full of positive body image but although she talks the talk; she doesn’t really believe in herself. She tries to get her Mojo back after being dumped, through men, work and people pleasing, but …well, you’ll just have to read it!

So, do you have any food-related resolutions or goals? I’d love to know what you’re planning and what you think of mine, too. I can’t wait till 2013!



Bored with black?

leggingsOne of the frustrating things about being plus size is that you can never get pretty tights to fit. Well, I can’t. I love all the gorgeous patterned tights in M&S and I hanker after some really funky leggings but if you’re a size 16 or over, it’s just not the done thing to draw attention to your legs, apparently. You can have black 70 denier tights and be grateful for them, young lady!

So, I can’t wait for the launch of Miss Difusa, the brand new International Godsend of a company that are poised to bring floral leggings and super-funky tights to the masses, right up to a size 32. They’re going to be the next big thing in leggings and hosiery, advertising at the first ever London Plus Size Fashion Week on 15th-16th of February too.

Remember where you heard it first and keep an eye out for the launch.

…Follow Miss Difusa on Facebook here: Miss Difusa.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Diet!

dietHow many of you have had a diet leaflet through the letterbox today or yesterday? We’re not even allowed the full week off of not worrying about how fat we are before some well-meaning slimming club leader reminds us that we’ve been eating our body weight in Celebrations. Cheers!

This year, refuse to feel bad about it.

Throw the leaflet away.

You’ll feel so much better.

Apparently, Weight Watchers are telling people they’ve found the secret to permanent weight loss! You’d think the Advertising Standards Authority might have something to say about that, wouldn’t you?

Slimming World, Weight Watchers and Rosemary Conley are all businesses. Yep, they exist to make money. It’s in their interest to get you through that door and keep you there. At least Rosemary Conley does a bit of jumping around in her classes, the others just make you listen to a leader telling everyone to eat dust and confess every biscuit they’ve eaten in the previous week.

It’s pants, it really is. If you want to get healthy in 2013, and you really need a bit of guidance, my advice is to get hold of a healthy recipe book. Or even go on eBay and see if you can get the slimming club’s books from someone who’s flogging them cheaply. There’ll be loads of them from about February, trust me.

Getting dragged into the culture of weighing, measuring, counting and beating yourself up is quite possibly the worst thing you could do. I’ll be honest, I have to revamp my diet and fitness for health reasons (and other reasons…I’ll keep you posted) so I do know how tempting it is to give in and show up at the local village hall looking guilty. But that’s just giving up all control to someone who knows nothing about you. Read up on healthy foods, find recipes you love, adapt an eating plan to make it all about YOU.

Enjoy your food, get some exercise and go for it. Getting fit and healthy is great. Just step away from the invitation to the diet club, consign it to the dustbin and make 2013 the year that’s all about what YOU want.




LOGO Gorgeously Full Fat small gif


LOGO Gorgeously Full Fat small gifWell, some of you already follow Gorgeously Full Fat on Facebook and Twitter, but if you don’t, I’m Sarah. I’m the wrong side of 15 stone, the wrong side of 40 and definitely the wrong side of my overdraft, but I’m lovely anyway…And that isn’t me on the right, by the way. She’s WAY too glamorous.

I’ve been blogging as ‘Queen Simply Be‘ for over five years now, and wanted to swap the whole thing onto WordPress so that I could do more pretty things with it, but it wouldn’t let me. That’ll be why I’ve spent hours this afternoon trying to make a brand spanking pretty new WordPress blog instead. There has been language, but now it’s up and running and I figured out how to get it to do stuff, all is calm.

I’m also a novelist. My first ever book, ‘Viva Voluptuous’ is due out in 2013 and I hope you’ll love it. It was so much fun writing it. It’s the most amazing feeling to call myself a novelist – at the moment my work of art is just a Word document on my computer, about to go into production and get unleashed onto an unsuspecting public. I’m daydreaming about a media frenzy and a battle over who I give the film rights to, but in all honesty I’ll just be so excited when I see it on the shelf at Waterstones that I don’t care if anyone buys it. Oh, who am I kidding. Go buy it, as soon as it’s out, or I’ll sulk.

I’ve been taking advice from one of my favourite bloggers, the wonderful Lisa Lister, creatrix of Sassyology, and as far as I’m concerned, I’m planning to make this blog REAL. So, when I’m having a wobble, I’m not going to sit here and blog away about how fabulous it is to be chubby, because I’ve been there, I’m here right now, and I know you’d think I was talking from my ample derriere if I pretended it was easy. Being fat isn’t ideal, but you have a choice. You can be fat, miserable, unhealthy and on and off every diet that’s out there…or you can accept that you’re never going to be a Victoria’s Secret model, eat well, do a bit of exercise, love yourself anyway and walk around with a smile on your face.

I’m going for the second option – mostly!

We all need a bit of support – especially when we’re planning a wedding! Even fat girls get married and I’m getting hitched to my Mr Right in very early 2014, so expect some bridezilla-style hissy fits, especially when it comes to the whole dress/photo thing. Eep!

That’s the awkward introduction bit over and done with….